There’s a story
behind our name ‘3 Peepul Productions’ – & it reflects
our vision as a film
production house.

Our name draws inspiration from
the Peepul tree, which is native to
the Indian subcontinent. Also known as
Peepal or Bodhi tree, or Ficus Religiosa,
with its distinctive tree trunk &
heart shaped leaves, the Peepul tree is
adaptive, resilient & has a long lifespan.

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At 3 Peepul, we believe in
the power of storytelling,
& are committed to
bringing impactful stories
to the audience.

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Our Vision

We are an impact production house, focused on stories rooted in the Indian ethos.

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3 Peepul Productions

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Member of Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association (IMPPA)

Regn No : 20491

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