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3 peepul

Our logo is a labour of love, & we worked with incredibly talented professionals, to translate the idea of our dreams into the logo of our reality.

The P represents the trunk of a Peepul tree & rises upwards as it links ‘Peepul’ & ‘Productions’. The P also becomes a film reel & a base for the number 3, representing the 3 Founders. Set at a slant, it signifies that our films encompass different perspectives & all genres of films. The font used for ‘Peepul’ represents our creativity in storytelling, while that for ‘Productions’ depicts our professional approach to film making.

Phiroza Cama (KhushRuh Designs) created the initial sketch, which Prajakta Bhogle (Prajakta Bhogle Design Studio) translated digitally. Parth Saikia (Aakriti Advertising) designed the animated logo, based on our idea of incorporating 3 Peepul leaves with their colours representing the changing seasons. Dharmadev Maniar (Speed of Sound) envisioned the soundscape, adding the sound of rustling leaves to elevate the imagery of the tree. Shreerangdutt Soni (Rishabh Digital Recording Studio) did mixing & mastering to create the final sound of our animated logo.

“Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.” – Torrie T. Asai