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The Making of Vishwamitri Villas

Making of Vishwamitri Villas

‘The Making of Vishwamitri Villas’ is a documentary that delves into the innovative concepts, processes & creative thought behind the short film ‘Vishwamitri Villas’.

This 10-minute documentary tells the story from behind the scenes, sharing the perspectives of the director, music composer, young actors, collaborators & producers of the film. Shot in London and Vadodara, the narrative weaves vignettes from the actual film, with its improvised session recordings on Zoom & interviews of the people involved, to effectively describe ‘The Making of Vishwamitri Villas’, an innovative attempt in storytelling, communication & inclusive film making.

Partial proceeds from the film will be given to support the educational initiatives of Akshar Trust (Centre for Children with deafness) in Vadodara, India.

"The Making of Vishwamitri Villas" Documentary

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Produced by 3 Peepul Productions LLP