Which C drives you?

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Which C drives you? That is the question that’s been on our mind lately.

Confused? Curious? Allow us to explain our point of view. In our daily lives, we are all motivated or driven- either by our anxieties and fears, or by our hopes and dreams. Our anxieties and fears are a negative stimulus, while our hopes and dreams are a positive stimulus. Both propel us to action, or inaction as the case may be.

Which C are you afraid of? Which C holds you back?

Even the most positive-minded people will have moments of doubt and uncertainty, when the world doesn’t look so rosy. Of course, there are many things that cause fear; different people are scared of different things. While one cannot make sweeping generalizations, and yet some facts hold true for a vast number of people.

Let’s list some scary Cs like – Calamity, Cancer, Covid, Crime, Cessation (of life, relationship, way of life or job). Do any, some or all of these scare you? How about C for Chaos? Do such situations make you feel anxious and frightened? How about C for Conflict? Do you value good and positive interactions with others to the point of avoiding all disagreement? How do you react when there is inter-personal conflict- at home, with friends or at work? How about C for when your Comfort zone is challenged? Does Confusion make you feel unsettled, as you may prefer Certainty in your routines and relationships? When working with others, does Competition frighten you? Do you fear losing Control?

Which C excite and motivate you?

Do you enjoy and seek Collaboration, Camraderie and Cooperation? If you are a ‘people person’, you probably seek out working in teams, and enjoy communicating with others. You may try to convert Competition into Collaboration, so that team goals can be achieved. You recognize that as an individual while you can achieve much, as a team you can achieve so much more. These realizations fuel your hopes and dreams, creating excitement and motivation for achieving your life goals.

Conversely, if you’re not a ‘people person’, these same C can become a source of anxiety, creating discomfort or stress. You are happier and more effective when alone, than when in a team. You may find it stressful to interact or work with others, where you’re required to give up Control to accommodate others’ viewpoints and actions.

Whatever your personality type, lifestyle, type of work and job profile, there is one C that you cannot escape from- Change. That is a reality that one has to accept.

In the Vedas and other ancient texts, it says, “And this too shall pass.” Every moment is fleeting and transient. If things are going badly, tell yourself that bad times cannot last and this will pass. Conversely, if everything is going really well in your life, know that its also a fleeting moment as those good times can’t last forever either. Life is a series of fleeting moments, interactions and relationships.

Change is the only Constant in life.

If we can develop a mindset to accept Change, and not be fearful or apprehensive of it, then we can find positives in every situation, accept uncertainties, and make the most of whatever life throws at us.

Change makes a person grow and develop in ways he/she never thought possible. Change challenges you to learn new skills, develop new insights, and go out of your comfort zone. Change makes you evaluate your life, your choices and your options, to make do with whatever is there at present and make it work- for you. Change gives you an opportunity to start a fresh and a new. Change makes you dig deep, test your strength of character, and grow into a more matured, resourceful and self-reliant person. Change gives you the chance to test your mindset, to make difficult and unpredictable situations work for you. Change makes you get to know yourself better, see the chinks in your armour and work on them, if needed. Change also can push you to grow as a human being, in many different ways.

Finally it’s all your Choice. Life is a series of Choices. Which C drives You?

We think it’s time to wholeheartedly welcome C and put a Crown on your head!

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