3 Peepul Productions: It’s all about the Peepul (people)!

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Founded by Neena Arora, Suchitra Parikh and Priya Krishnaswamy, 3 Peepul’s name was chosen with the utmost consideration, drawing inspiration from the Peepul tree, which is native to Indian subcontinent. Discovering a shared personal connection with peepul trees from their childhoods, combined with their vision to produce films rooted in the Indian ethos, the founders decided that ‘Peepul’ had to be central to the Company name. Despite having eclectic backgrounds and work experience, the 3 founders are united in their love for storytelling and the creative arts. 3 Peepul Productions was formally incorporated on 16th February 2021.

As Albert Shweitzer said, “Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know – everything happens for a reason.” The origins of this film production house are interesting, as the founders didn’t set out to be producers. Neena and Suchitra were (are) co-founders of a theatre company, while Priya and Suchitra are childhood friends. In August 2020, the opportunity to produce a feature film came to Neena and Suchitra, when they were approached by a writer-director, whom they knew well. Priya joined this journey a few months later, and their collective passion for films grew into 3 Peepul, as things fell into place.

3 Peepul is all about storytelling in the most heartfelt and genuine way. As women producers whose core strengths are empathy and the ability to discover stories that resonate with everyone, their focus is people- both on and off the screen. The Company values are an extension of their own – collaboration, communication, creativity, inclusivity, innovation, integrity and impact.

3 Peepul takes pride in creating and producing meaningful films rooted, like the peepul tree, in the Indian context. Since incorporation, 3 Peepul has already produced a feature film, a short film and a documentary, along with 7 advertisements, with many more films in the pipeline. The Company offers full spectrum of production services for all genres of film – as long as there is a story at the centre that they feel the world needs to see.

Neena, Priya and Suchitra share, “We want to create our niche in the artistic and film world, while retaining our eye for impactful and inclusive storytelling, offfering an enriching collaboration for all the people involved – behind and in front of the camera. For us, 3 Peepul represents more than just a company – it is a shared vision, a way of being. Resilient, adaptive and always growing, we are 3 Peepul.”


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